The conception of the Chair and Table’s set


The main idea of this project is the using of simple technologies in the furniture production to make possible to realize creative design ideas. The complete set is being made from veneer sheets of valuable tree breeds such as Beech wood, Oak wood, Walnut. After cutting out the details, they are being bent within the drafts and templates. Constructive metallic details are also used as characteristic stylizing design elements. This technology is simple and usable for a mass production. It is also possible to design stools, benches, consoles, chairs, tables of different sizes on the basis of this technology.The chair can be made in 2 modifications:
1. With a hard construction;
2. With additional pneumatic cylinders, which are permitting continuously and smoothly amortize the chair’s back at an inclination on it.


Using technologies from the mechanical sphere makes chair’s usage more comfortable:

13 Layout _ Layout

The chair back’s height is calculated thereby to support only low part of the sitting person’s back. Packaging arrangement of the chair is provided with a special silicone cover plate on a chair bottom. 13 Layout _ Layout

The furniture set is designed in modern minimalist style. Slight and smooth wood detail lines “anchored” with metallic elements. The form’s laconism makes it possible to use this furniture almost in any interior. The peculiarity of the set is compactness: chairs can be putted under the table to save the space. The project is made according its multifunctional using. It can be either a dining table or working place for one or two people.  In the process of designing the project acquired its recognizable characteristic lines which are appropriated to the main goal – to create an outwardly expressive furniture set for a modern, dynamic person who lives in active life-rhythm and always opened for new technologies and experiments!